[Libav-user] movflags/faststart flag for avcodec_open2

Michael Armes michael.armes at gmail.com
Thu May 3 02:26:49 EEST 2018


I am trying to ensure that I have the moov metadata for H.264 encoded video
at the beginning of the file. I have seen examples online that indicate I
need to give ffmpeg the "-movflags +faststart"  option, but I am coding
against libav*. How do these options translate to the options given to the
AVDictionary parameter of avcodec_open2? Or rather, am I barking up the
wrong tree entirely?

I assumed that it was trivially a dictionary entry with key "movflags" and
value "faststart" after I inspected movenc.c in libavformat, but this is
not currently working for me and I need to determine what I have wrong (the
"how" or the "what"). I appreciate any help.

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