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> On Apr 19, 2018, at 2:32 PM, Mark Nelson <markn at ieee.org> wrote:
> Can anyone give a good explanation of why decode_hrd_parameters() in libavcodec/h264_ps.c passes over the value of bit_rate_value_minus1 in the HRD, tossing it and not making room in the SPS structure for it? 
> There are times (I think) when this might be the only place one can find the bit rate for a video stream. So, for example, if I extract an H.264 stream from a TS stream and view it in isolation, ffprobe can tell me a lot about it, but not the bit rate - it needs to get that from the PMT.
> Is this just something that nobody thinks is that important, or am I wrong about how that value can be used?
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