[Libav-user] The processing time of FFplay when receiving with UDP

Jun Kaneda j-kaneda at ist.osaka-u.ac.jp
Wed Oct 17 10:57:40 EEST 2018

The processing time on FFplay when receiving mpeg-ts over UDP is considerably larger than the time when receiving it over TCP. 
I want to know the reason.

I am investigating the processing time in video players.
I used ffplay (bundled with ffmpeg 2.6) which is modified the source code to output time stamps.
The time from packet reception to display of the video frame was output for each video frame. 
It was about 270 ms on average for UDP and about 80 ms on average for TCP.

I read FFmpeg Protocols Documentation and found that the maximum demuxing delay can be changed, so I set max_delay to zero, but the time did not decrease.

Does anyone know what processing takes this extra time when ffplay receives UDP packets?

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