[Libav-user] How to precisely seek in an audio file

Matthieu Regnauld mregnauld at gmail.com
Fri Oct 26 16:28:03 EEST 2018


I try to understand how I can seek in an audio file, at a very precise

For example, I want to set the current position in my file to the frame
#1234567 (in a file encoded at 44100 Hz), which is equivalent to seek at
27994.717 milliseconds.

To achieve that, I tried this:

   av_seek_frame(formatContext, audio_stream_index, 1234567,

But for some reason, the positioning is not totally accurate in an OGG file
(there is a delay of about 1/4 second), and not accurate at all in an MP3
file (I stay close to the beginning of the file...).

Here is my code:

Do I use the function the right way, or even the right function?

Thanks for your help.
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