[Libav-user] Strange memory leak and fragmentation

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From: Subrata Goswami
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Subject: [Libav-user] Strange memory leak and fragmentation

Have couple of simple questions on the following  few lines of code. 

    AVFrame *frame = av_frame_alloc();
    AVPacket packet;

    while(av_read_frame(ictx, &packet)>=0) {
        if(packet.stream_index==video_stream) {

            avcodec_send_packet(octx, &packet);
            if(avcodec_receive_frame(octx, frame)==0) {


1.   The  above leaks memory, but  the following piece of code does not. 

    AVFrame *frame = av_frame_alloc();
    AVPacket *packet=av_packet_alloc();

    while(av_read_frame(ictx, packet)>=0) {
        if(packet->stream_index==video_stream) {

            avcodec_send_packet(octx, packet);
            if(avcodec_receive_frame(octx, frame)==0) {

2.  Is there any way to reuse the packet structure, else rapid free and alloc  probably leads to memory  fragmentation.   

Would appreciate  any insight, comment, advice. Thanks . 

You need to use av_packet_unref(&packet); so that the library can free the packet struct after you are done with it. 

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