[Libav-user] How to changes resolution to output file.

ABDALLAH Moussa Moussa.ABDALLAH at nexeya.com
Wed Feb 27 19:38:01 EET 2019


I am trying to record a stream video to a output file mkv. I set my camera with the resolution 1280x720 and I would like to change it with ffmpeg on my program how can I do that please ?

I have success to change the framerate but I failed  with the resolution or other option like bit_rate :

        ovst->r_frame_rate      = ivst->r_frame_rate;
        ovst->avg_frame_rate    = ovst->r_frame_rate;
        ivst->codec->bit_rate = 3000000;
        ovst->codec->bit_rate = 3000000;
        ivst->codec->height = 320;
        ivst->codec->width = 240;
        ovst->codec->height = 320;
        ovst->codec->width = 240;

Thanks you for your help !
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