[Libav-user] Passing textures from NVDEC to OpenGL

florian.wagner florian.wagner at student.hpi.de
Wed Jan 9 14:32:42 EET 2019


I am trying to integrate ffmpeg/libav with an OpenGL Framework for video 
processing. To improve performance of video decoding/encoding I am using 
NVDEC/ENC. Since I also process the frames on the GPU I would like to 
avoid a roundtrip over the CPU and instead pass the data directly to the 
OpenGL context. For the OpenGL->NVENC I found this StackOverflow answer, 
that I am currently implementing:

Is there a way to do the same thing for NVDEC->OpenGL? If so, where 
would I start/what would I need to do?

Best Regards

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