[Libav-user] Packet extra side data is not received

Nicolas George george at nsup.org
Sat Apr 18 17:52:41 EEST 2020

Mohamed Fouad (12020-04-18):
> But what is the recommended method to send such 100 bytes attached to each
> video frame (real time streaming , h264) ?

Definitely not what you were trying: extradata is something that is
needed by the codec, changing it will result in broken playback.
> I tried packet (on stream level) spherical (mp4 movenc) side data , I
> cannot make it to change across frames , it is the same value for all
> frames.
> as a workaround , I'll be trying to use a subtitles stream , I'm not sure
> if it will work.
> I failed to find any example for encoding and decoding (data stream)
> which I think is the right way.  But a glance at the source code
> indicates it is not properly implemented in mkv nor mov encoders / decoders.

I do not think the codec has anything to offer to help your issue:
carrying extra information is the role of the format/protocol.

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  Nicolas George
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