[Libav-user] H264 Packed RGB Decoding

Alan Daniels alan at softdrive.co
Fri Feb 7 18:38:21 EET 2020

> Presumably if you really did feed the encoder BGR0 (which is a packed

> format), something converted it to planar format prior to encoding.

> The ffmpeg program will automatically insert swscale into the filter

> pipeline to convert packed to planar as would have been required by

> the encoder.

libx264rgb only advertises BGR0, BGR24, and RGB24 as supported formats. 

I think it would have GBRP as a supported format if it really converted to that prior to encoding.

ffmpeg.exe would insert swscale, though I don't think libavcodec does. Could be wrong.

However, ffprobe detects the bitstream as GBRP..

- Alan
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