[Libav-user] Feeding frames to api from c program

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Thu Feb 20 14:06:24 EET 2020

El 19/2/20 a las 11:58, william keeling escribió:
> I am looking for help or and example of feeding frames to ffmpeg lib. 
> I have raw (yuv and pcm) frames to feed into the API  for filtering, 
> encoding and muxing.
> Also looking for examples of complex filters (like -filter_complex 
> "[0][1] overlay=5:H-h-5").
> Thanks for any help, examples or link you can provide.
> I am new to c programing, ffmpeg api and image and sound processing so 
> need all the help I can get as this is sort of a deep end project to 
> start with 🙂
Look up the examples in doc/examples in the ffmpeg repository.  You will 
need to compile them manually as they don't come with any Makefile.  For 
this, it is better if you develop on Unix or on MinGW.

Gonzalo Garramuño

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