[Libav-user] FFMPEG CustomIO Seeking

Alexis alexis.tran9713 at gmail.com
Mon Feb 24 19:22:14 EET 2020

To explain it fast, it's kinda like a video player which read from various
entry, like ethernet or file like pcap, MPG, ...

So to use only one input I use byte to feed the video decoder.

When i seek with my software i just move the pointer in the file ton send
corresponding bytes. 
Little exemple, if i want to play vidéo at his mid, i'll just send byte from
the half of the file.. the decoder don't know it.

I didnt use seek because I didnt implement a seek callback since i'm not
mapping all the whole file, so there is no stream reset or seek

I'm using a queue which hold byte array as the read callback.

The strange thing is after seek, av_read_frame give me packets from before
the seek.
I tried avcodec_flush_buffer and avio_flush but both does nothing.
I'm even ending null through avcodec_send_packet to enter the draining mode
and receive util EOF but still not enough

I looked on the web and it's seems many people face the same issue like me

Hope you will be able to give me a hint

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