[Libav-user] Fwd: Re: [Cin] Hang on trimming audio tracks?

Andrew Randrianasulu randrianasulu at gmail.com
Sun Jun 7 23:47:48 EEST 2020

В сообщении от Sunday 07 June 2020 23:28:28 Carl Eugen Hoyos написал(а):
> Am So., 7. Juni 2020 um 22:16 Uhr schrieb Andrew Randrianasulu
> <randrianasulu at gmail.com>:
> >
> > В сообщении от Sunday 07 June 2020 19:24:50 Carl Eugen Hoyos написал(а):
> > > Am So., 7. Juni 2020 um 11:18 Uhr schrieb Andrew Randrianasulu
> > > <randrianasulu at gmail.com>:
> > >
> > > > Sorry for forwarding this message
> > >
> > > Please run a bisect to make your message somewhat useful.
> >
> > running it ..
> >
> > so far https://git.ffmpeg.org/gitweb/ffmpeg.git/commit/091341f2ab5bd35ca1a2aae90503adc74f8d3523
> > (lavc/pthread_frame: Update user context in ff_frame_thread_free) seems to be good point, I marked it as such for bisect
> Sorry, I am not a native speaker:
> Do you mean that you did a bisect, and 091341f is the offending commit?

No, I just used it as starting point: git reset --hard this_commit in ffmpeg directory, and then let Cin's buildsystem
to do its work (reconfiguring, building and linking libavcodec into main application)

So far log looks like this:

guest at slax:/dev/shm/tmp/cinelerra-goodguy-20200607/cinelerra-5.1/thirdparty/ffmpeg.git$ git bisect log
git bisect start
# good: [091341f2ab5bd35ca1a2aae90503adc74f8d3523] lavc/pthread_frame: Update user context in ff_frame_thread_free
git bisect good 091341f2ab5bd35ca1a2aae90503adc74f8d3523
# bad: [bd6336b9702fc36683acda9ef1d70a6b038d179c] avfilter/vf_vaguedenoiser: add new type of threshold
git bisect bad bd6336b9702fc36683acda9ef1d70a6b038d179c
# bad: [ed3da72583298ed04a488e363bd3fa6d69ade165] s->target_i and global are in dB but s->target_tp and true_peak are linear. Instead of mixing these in the calculations, convert the former first to have all following calculations in the same unit.
git bisect bad ed3da72583298ed04a488e363bd3fa6d69ade165
# good: [f0d712d0f95ba757943cc6d49a8caa2e1adfb6e7] avformat/matroskaenc: Don't write elements with their default value
git bisect good f0d712d0f95ba757943cc6d49a8caa2e1adfb6e7

but bisect takes some time on my machine.

> Carl Eugen
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