[Libav-user] FFmpeg and Apple's transition to ARM/Apple Silicon

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Fri Jun 26 12:07:41 EEST 2020

With Apple’s recent announcement of moving from Intel to their own (ARM based) processors, I’m wondering what this means for FFmpeg users.
I’m using the FFmpeg libraries as base for a - currently Mac-only - video player so it is crucial for me that things will still work after the switch.

I have ordered a Developer Kit and will get it next week so I’ll be able to conduct some tests myself.
I was really just wondering what to expect. 

Will re-compiling the libraries on the new architecture be enough to make everything work "as before"?
As FFmpeg makes a fair use of assembler and I think also some processor specific optimizations as far as I know that may not be available on ARM, will the performance likely be worse?

Sorry for my lack of knowledge on the low-level side of things and thanks for sharing your thoughts in advance!

Best regards,


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