[Libav-user] Help needed for custom fonts adjustment

Mick Berkhout // VidProve mick at vidprove.com
Tue Jun 30 14:00:54 EEST 2020

Hello mailing list members,


We use FFmpeg in combination with the subtitle filter to burn in (or hardcode) subtitles to MP4 videos with the subtitles command (with the libass library). We are currently migrating our instances to a serverless environment by the usage of AWS Lambda. 


The basics are set-up and a pre-compiled version of FFmpeg has been made. The first tests are done and the basic commands of FFmpeg do work on this environment. Unfortunately, AWS Lambda does not support the installation of custom fonts (as it is a serverless instance). Therefore, we are looking for a method to specify the font folder on the server within FFmpeg. Is there a developer within this mailing list that could help us with this?


Additional information:

We have already tried adding a font folder to the FFmpeg directory, however this does not seem to work. Also, we are trying to specify the font variable in Python with “os.environ['FONTCONFIG_PATH'] = '/opt/fonts'”. As a compiled version we are using the build of John van Sickle: https://johnvansickle.com/ffmpeg/. Furthermore, most questions on the internet link to a forum that has unfortunately gone offline. The wayback machine provided me with some information, but not enough to make this work.


Thanks for taking your time reading this message and looking forward hearing from you.


Best regards,

Mick Berkhout

CTO of VidProve




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