[Libav-user] libebur128 - LUFS measuring of small lenghts!??

christian.will at 4-real.com christian.will at 4-real.com
Mon Sep 7 19:03:02 EEST 2020


Hey list!


We have a little problem measuring LUFS under 0,4s.

I know, the offical LUFS algorithm is not supposed to measure under 0,4s,
but there are customers out there, who do it – and i dont know how!

We already tried to double the takes to get a length higher then 0,4s and
measure, but there is variation of course.


So my question is, is the libebur128 and ffmpeg together capable of
measuring LUFS for small lengths under 0,4s?

Can anbybody provide some useful code to implement it in other software?







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