[Libav-user] Automatic BSF for ISMV

Ondřej Perutka perutka.ondrej at gmail.com
Fri Sep 25 12:35:45 EEST 2020


I was wondering why the automatic bitstream filtering is disabled for ISMV
and all other MOV-based muxers with empty initial MOOV atom. I'm talking
about this line:


I'm working on an application which consumes an MPEG-TS stream and
transforms it into fragmented MP4 (or ISMV). The problem is that if the
original MPEG-TS stream contains AAC audio, it is in ADTS format and ADTS
is not accepted by MOV-based muxers. Because the automatic bitstream
filtering is disabled, I have to create my own aac_adtstoasc BSF and run
all AAC packets through the BSF before I pass the packets to the muxer.
It's quite inconvenient.

Could there be an option to force enable automatic BSF even when the
initial MOOV atom is empty?


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