[Libav-user] Sending pixel data directly from GPU/DirectX texture to hardware encoder

Nathan Babcock nathan.r.babcock at gmail.com
Sun Jul 25 22:47:14 EEST 2021

Hello libav world,

Currently I am pulling pixels off of the GPU (specifically via Windows DXGI
Desktop Duplication API), and then H264 encoding them using nvenc_h264 for
hardware acceleration. Currently, that involves a download of the pixels
into CPU memory (in an AVFrame), and then an immediate re-upload of them
onto the GPU for NVENC. *My question is: is it possible to cut out this
step and go straight from GPU/d3d11 memory to NVENC encoding?*

I noticed that there is a supported pixel format for AV_PIX_FMT_D3D11,
which takes a pointer to a ID3D11Texture2D in the data[0] slot. However,
configuring my code to use this pixel format (including all the necessary
hwdevice config, hwframe context and allocation, etc) still results in an

int write_gpu_video_frame(ID3D11Texture2D* gpuTex, AVFormatContext*
oc, OutputStream* ost) {
>     AVFrame *hw_frame = ost->hw_frame;    printf("gpuTex address = 0x%x\n", &gpuTex);    hw_frame->data[0] = (uint8_t *) gpuTex;
>     hw_frame->data[1] = (uint8_t *) (intptr_t) 0;
>     hw_frame->pts     = ost->next_pts++;    return write_frame(oc, ost->enc, ost->st, hw_frame);
>     // write_frame is identical to sample code in ffmpeg repo
> }

Resulting error:

> gpuTex address = 0x4582f6d0
> [h264_nvenc @ 00000191233e1bc0] Error registering an input resource: invalid call (9):
> [h264_nvenc @ 00000191233e1bc0] Could not register an input HW frame
> Error sending a frame to the encoder: Unknown error occurred

I can post the other setup code if it's helpful to diagnose the problem.

Any immediate intuitions about this type of approach?

Best regards,
- Nathan
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