libavutil/error.h File Reference

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#include <errno.h>
#include "avutil.h"

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#define AVERROR(e)   (e)
#define AVUNERROR(e)   (e)
#define AVERROR_BSF_NOT_FOUND   (-MKTAG(0xF8,'B','S','F'))
 Bitstream filter not found.
#define AVERROR_BUG   (-MKTAG( 'B','U','G','!'))
 Internal bug, also see AVERROR_BUG2.
#define AVERROR_DECODER_NOT_FOUND   (-MKTAG(0xF8,'D','E','C'))
 Decoder not found.
#define AVERROR_DEMUXER_NOT_FOUND   (-MKTAG(0xF8,'D','E','M'))
 Demuxer not found.
#define AVERROR_ENCODER_NOT_FOUND   (-MKTAG(0xF8,'E','N','C'))
 Encoder not found.
#define AVERROR_EOF   (-MKTAG( 'E','O','F',' '))
 End of file.
#define AVERROR_EXIT   (-MKTAG( 'E','X','I','T'))
 Immediate exit was requested; the called function should not be restarted.
#define AVERROR_FILTER_NOT_FOUND   (-MKTAG(0xF8,'F','I','L'))
 Filter not found.
#define AVERROR_INVALIDDATA   (-MKTAG( 'I','N','D','A'))
 Invalid data found when processing input.
#define AVERROR_MUXER_NOT_FOUND   (-MKTAG(0xF8,'M','U','X'))
 Muxer not found.
#define AVERROR_OPTION_NOT_FOUND   (-MKTAG(0xF8,'O','P','T'))
 Option not found.
#define AVERROR_PATCHWELCOME   (-MKTAG( 'P','A','W','E'))
 Not yet implemented in FFmpeg, patches welcome.
 Protocol not found.
#define AVERROR_STREAM_NOT_FOUND   (-MKTAG(0xF8,'S','T','R'))
 Stream not found.
#define AVERROR_BUG2   (-MKTAG( 'B','U','G',' '))
 This is semantically identical to AVERROR_BUG it has been introduced in Libav after our AVERROR_BUG and with a modified value.
#define AVERROR_UNKNOWN   (-MKTAG( 'U','N','K','N'))
 Unknown error, typically from an external library.


int av_strerror (int errnum, char *errbuf, size_t errbuf_size)
 Put a description of the AVERROR code errnum in errbuf.

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error code definitions

Definition in file error.h.

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