Todo List

Global AVOption::help
What about other languages?

Class VC1Context
Change size wherever another size is more efficient Many members are only used for Advanced Profile

Global readAndTranspose16x6
FIXME: see if we can't spare some vec_lvsl() by them factorizing out of unaligned_load()

Global rv34_dquant_tab
Use with modified_quant_tab from h263data.h.

Global rv34_mb_bits_sizes
This is the same as ff_mba_length, maybe use it instead.

Global rv34_mb_max_sizes
This is the same as ff_mba_max, maybe use it instead.

Global av_find_stream_info
Let the user decide somehow what information is needed so that we do not waste time getting stuff the user does not need.

Global vc1_decode_frame
TODO: Handle VC-1 IDUs (Transport level?)

Global vc1_decode_init
TODO: Handle VC-1 IDUs (Transport level?)

TODO: Decypher remaining bits in extra_data

Global wma_lsp_to_curve
optimize it further with SSE/3Dnow

Global rv34_dequant4x4

Global rv34_dequant4x4_16x16

Global ff_rv34_get_start_offset
Maybe replace with ff_h263_decode_mba() ?

Global bitplane_decoding
FIXME: Optimize

Global decode_colskip
FIXME: Optimize

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