Deprecated List

Global AVCodecContext::hurry_up
Deprecated in favor of skip_idct and skip_frame.

Global AVCodecContext::request_channels
Deprecated in favor of request_channel_layout.

Use AVPacket to send palette changes instead. This is totally broken.

Global audio_resample_init
Use av_audio_resample_init() instead.

Global av_destruct_packet_nofree
use NULL instead

Global av_parser_change
use AVBitstreamFilter

Global av_parser_parse
Use av_parser_parse2() instead.

Global avcodec_decode_audio2
Use avcodec_decode_audio3 instead.

Global avcodec_decode_video
Use avcodec_decode_video2 instead.

Global avcodec_get_pix_fmt
Deprecated in favor of av_get_pix_fmt().

Global register_avcodec
Deprecated in favor of avcodec_register().

Global av_alloc_format_context
Use avformat_alloc_context() instead.

Global guess_format
Use av_guess_format() instead.

Global parse_frame_rate
Use av_parse_video_frame_rate instead.

Global parse_image_size
Use av_parse_video_frame_size instead.

Global sws_printVec
Use sws_printVec2() instead.

Global av_metadata_set
Use av_metadata_set2() instead.

Global register_protocol
Use av_register_protocol() instead.

Global av_sha1_final
use av_sha_final() instead

Global av_sha1_init
use av_sha_init() instead

Global av_sha1_update
use av_sha_update() instead

Global sws_scale_ordered
Use sws_scale() instead.

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