Todo List

Global AVOption::help
What about other languages?

Global AVOption2::help
What about other languages?

Class RTSPState
Use ByteIOContext instead of URLContext

Class VC1Context
Change size wherever another size is more efficient Many members are only used for Advanced Profile

Global display_end_segment
TODO: Fix start time, relies on correct PTS, currently too late

segment, which is currently ignored as it clears

the subtitle too early.

Global display_end_segment
TODO: Fix end time, normally cleared by a second display

Global parse_picture_segment
TODO: Enable support for RLE data over multiple packets

Global parse_presentation_segment
TODO: Implement cropping

TODO: Implement forcing of subtitles

TODO: Blanking of subtitle

Global readAndTranspose16x6
FIXME: see if we can't spare some vec_lvsl() by them factorizing out of unaligned_load()

Global rv34_dquant_tab
Use with modified_quant_tab from h263data.h.

Global rv34_mb_bits_sizes
This is the same as ff_mba_length, maybe use it instead.

Global rv34_mb_max_sizes
This is the same as ff_mba_max, maybe use it instead.

Global eval_lpc_spectrum
reuse code from vorbis_dec.c: vorbis_floor0_decode

Global av_find_stream_info
Let the user decide somehow what information is needed so that we do not waste time getting stuff the user does not need.

Global vc1_decode_frame
TODO: Handle VC-1 IDUs (Transport level?)

Global vc1_decode_init
TODO: Handle VC-1 IDUs (Transport level?)

TODO: Decypher remaining bits in extra_data

Global wma_lsp_to_curve
optimize it further with SSE/3Dnow

Global ff_rm_reorder_sipr_data
This can be optimized, e.g. use memcpy() if data blocks are aligned

Global rv34_dequant4x4

Global rv34_dequant4x4_16x16

Global ff_rv34_get_start_offset
Maybe replace with ff_h263_decode_mba() ?

Global bitplane_decoding
FIXME: Optimize

Global decode_colskip
FIXME: Optimize

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