Deprecated List
use codec parsers for packetizing input
Global av_d2str (double d)
use av_asprintf() with "%f" or a more specific format
Global av_get_colorspace_name (enum AVColorSpace val)
use av_color_space_name()
Global av_mallocz_array (size_t nmemb, size_t size) av_malloc_attrib 1(1
use av_calloc()
Global av_tempfile (const char *prefix, char **filename, int log_offset, void *log_ctx)
as fd numbers cannot be passed saftely between libs on some platforms
Global avcodec_get_frame_class (void)
This function should not be used.
Global AVCodecContext::debug_mv
Global AVCodecContext::sub_text_format
Global AVCodecContext::thread_safe_callbacks
the custom get_buffer2() callback should always be thread-safe. Thread-unsafe get_buffer2() implementations will be invalid starting with LIBAVCODEC_VERSION_MAJOR=60; in other words, libavcodec will behave as if this field was always set to 1. Callers that want to be forward compatible with future libavcodec versions should wrap access to this field in if LIBAVCODEC_VERSION_MAJOR < 60
File dict.h
AVDictionary is provided for compatibility with libav. It is both in implementation as well as API inefficient. It does not scale and is extremely slow with large dictionaries. It is recommended that new code uses our tree container from tree.c/h where applicable, which uses AVL trees to achieve O(log n) performance.