[FFmpeg-devel] voddler.com is in violation of GPL

Fredrik Persson fredrik.p.persson
Sat Oct 24 12:54:57 CEST 2009

www.voddler.com is a swedish movie streaming company whose client
seems to incorporate ffmpeg and/or mplayer parts. They do require that
the end user accepts the GPL license agreement, but they do not
provide the source code. They state in their forum that it will be
published on their website "soon", but the software has been available
for several months now.

The client in question is downloadable to those who have an account on
their site, which is gained by aquiring a beta invite. Such invites
has been given out in non-significant numbers (my estimate is
thousands) and are available to the general public through an
undisclosed random process.

The client is scheduled for general public access within the time
frame of 6 - 12 months. However, the GPL violation takes place right

I have the client software and I am willing to provide it
ffmpeg/mplayer developers if you need it in order to track this


Fredrik Persson

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