[FFmpeg-devel] AVComponentDescriptor & v210

Daniel Kristjansson danielk
Sun Jun 27 00:49:59 CEST 2010

I've been trying to wrap my head around AVComponentDescriptor
and as far as I can tell it can not represent packed 10 bit
formats like v210.

The v210 format is:

 b3 |  b2 |  b1 |  b0 in little-endian
? ? | Cr0 | Y'0 | Cb0 |
? ? | Y'2 | Cb2 | Y'1 |
? ? | Cb4 | Y'3 | Cr0 |
? ? | Y'5 | Cr4 | Y'4 |

Where the ?'s are 1-bit padding and the rest are 10 bit samples.

Am I just not understanding how AVComponentDescriptor is supposed
to work? It would seem that it you would need 3 sets of offsets
and 2 sets of shifts per component at minimum to represent this.

Also for submission to ffmpeg what should the format be called?
I'm calling it PIX_FMT_UYVYUYVYUYVY422 right now, but that seems
rather cumbersome. This is the Apple format for uncompressed 10-bit
YUV 4:2:2 material. The fourcc is v210, but PIX_FMT_V210 would
appear to violate the naming convention.

-- Daniel

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