[FFmpeg-devel] [PATCH] Communicate pulldown flags to clients to fix VC-1 playback with pulldown content

Alexandre Colucci alexandre at elgato.com
Mon Apr 4 17:18:59 CEST 2011

> Alexandre Colucci <alexandre <at> elgato.com> writes:
>> I can reproduce this issue with VLC 1.1.8 on MacOSX and MPlayerX 1.0.2 for
>> MacOSX (http://mplayerx.org/). I am pretty sure that this issue can be
>> reproduced on Windows and Linux.
> I can reproduce the issue - thank you for working on it!
>> When you play back the sample file in VLC 1.1.8 or MPlayerX 1.0.2 on MacOSX
>> 10.6.7, you will notice that the playback is extremely jerky (I can provide a
>> 100MB file if needed instead of the 10MB).
> The issue is known and we have a sample. (Thank you for the additional one you
> uploaded!)
>> Also to fix this issue, the developers of VLC and MPlayerX should read the
>> pulldown flags - apparently they currently ignore them.
> This was my question: I was assuming you were able to test your patch on any
> software;-)

It is indeed not possible at this point to test my patch in VLC or MPlayerX. These applications (and the other ones using FFmpeg) need to be updated to read the pulldown flags. Once this is done, the VC-1 videos with pulldown will play back correctly.


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