[FFmpeg-devel] GSoC project (JPEG 2000)

rukhsana afroz rukhsana.afroz at gmail.com
Tue Apr 5 04:51:40 CEST 2011

On Tue, Mar 29, 2011 at 4:56 PM, Michael Niedermayer <michaelni at gmx.at>wrote:

> For example decodimng the files from codestreams_profile0
> results in many
>  only LRCP progression supported
>  error during processing marker segment ff52
> and eventually a segfault
> or try testfiles_jp2/file9.jp2
> I thought i remember other errors too, but couldnt find them now

Hi Michael,

In the current code, J2K_COD and J2K_COC have the same marker 0xff55.
J2K_COD means default coding parameters which is common for all components,
J2K_COC is component specific coding parameters. Should they have same
marker? I need the exact specification to get those bugs solved.

enum J2kMarkers{
    J2K_SOC = 0xff4f, ///< start of codestream
    J2K_SIZ = 0xff51, ///< image and tile size
    J2K_COD,          ///< coding style default
    J2K_COC,          ///< coding style component
    J2K_TLM = 0xff55, ///< packed packet headers, tile-part header
    J2K_PLM = 0xff57, ///< tile-part lengths
    J2K_PLT,          ///< packet length, main header
    J2K_QCD = 0xff5c, ///< quantization default
    J2K_QCC,          ///< quantization component
    J2K_RGN,          ///< region of interest
    J2K_POC,          ///< progression order change
    J2K_PPM,          ///< packet length, tile-part header
    J2K_PPT,          ///< packed packet headers, main header
    J2K_CRG = 0xff63, ///< component registration
    J2K_COM,          ///< comment
    J2K_SOT = 0xff90, ///< start of tile-part
    J2K_SOP,          ///< start of packet
    J2K_EPH,          ///< end of packet header
    J2K_SOD,          ///< start of data
    J2K_EOC = 0xffd9, ///< end of codestream

Please help me on this.

Rukhsana Ruby
Phd Student
Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering
The University of British Columbia

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