[FFmpeg-devel] [PATCH] provide an input parameter to specify 3d stereo format for mkv/webm 3d videos

Kirill Gavrilov gavr.mail at gmail.com
Sun Apr 24 10:56:37 CEST 2011


Stereoscopic 3d video support for frame-packed stereo videos is part of both
> mkv/webm. This patch is meant to provide a user option to set the
> StereoMode
> tag with a default to monoscopic video.
I'm interesting in stereoscopic flag too.


   - your patch contains only *saving* this flag (not reading);
   - this flag is written per video track, but your patch writes the *common
   * flag for ALL video tracks; this is wrong, but if it is simplest way to
   save this flag using existing API...;
   - patch doesn't cover the new combined planes
created new virtual video track(with dummy "V_COMBINED" as the video
   codec ID) that links to 2 another existing video tracks as left and right

I'm not very experienced in AVOption logic yet. Maybe this is possible to
use this mechanism to mark each video track individually (as it supposed in
matroska specification)?
Currently stereoscopic flags are available only in MKV thus using per format
context options looks logical
(actually I thought before that these flags should be added as new fields
into AVStream struct).
Kirill Gavrilov,
Software designer.

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