[FFmpeg-devel] Matroska subtitle decoding: CODEC_ID_TEXT vs. CODEC_ID_SRT

Martin Lambers marlam at marlam.de
Sun Apr 24 18:36:32 CEST 2011

Hello Reimar!

On 24/04/11 18:04, Reimar Döffinger wrote:
>>>> Is there a reason to keep this behaviour? Can the first entry be removed?
>>> Removing it would probably break muxing in text subtitles.
>>> You could just change their order around, but IMO that's still wrong.
>> From my understanding of the text, I think it would be correct to change
>> the order. Otherwise, there would be no way to decode SRT subtitles
>> stored in a Matroska container.
>> And this change should do no harm, either, since interpreting plain text
>> as SRT has no effects unless the plain text contains SRT tags.
> I agree, if you can test it and confirm it to work I'm all for changing
> the order (I am not the maintainer so I'd still give some time for him
> to comment on any patch though).

I found a problem with a test file but I have not found the cause yet
(though I suspect it is my subtitle decoding code). I'll have another
look at this during the next few days and will report back. Thanks for
your feedback.


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