[FFmpeg-devel] [bug] flac depends on vorbis_data

fx fixounet at free.fr
Sat Apr 30 10:49:16 CEST 2011

If CONFIG_ vorbis & flac (codec+parser) are disabled, flac.o is pulled 
through at least MATROSKA_MUXER
which leads to unresolved ff_vorbis_channel_layout as vorbis_data is not 
compiled in.

I've workarounded it locally by adding vorbis_data to 
CONFIG_MATROSKA_MUXER, which fixes the problem locally for my 
configuration, but
i feel it's not the right way to fix it as there are probably other 
configurations where flac.o might be pulled without vorbis_data.

It seems like flac.o and vorbis_data.o should be somehow glued at a 
higher level, maybe with other stuff, so that activating one will toggle 
all the deps.


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