[FFmpeg-devel] pixelutils API [v2]

Clément Bœsch u at pkh.me
Sat Aug 2 23:34:06 CEST 2014

Second attempt.

Since previously:
 - much simpler usage (you basically just call av_pixelutils_get_sad_fn() as a
   user); filters patches updated accordingly.
 - 16x16 mmxext added (thanks jamrial)
 - FATE tests

Note for the context since I didn't write anything about it in the previous
patchset: this is in continuation to avcodec/AVDCT in order to drop dsputils
which has been removed from Libav (but kept in FFmpeg for compatibility). After
this patchset, libavfilter should be free of dsputils leftovers.

BTW, the scope of the pixelutils is to have a bunch of optimized pixel
utilities for filters. Currently, we only have SAD utils, more functions are
welcome as long as it sticks to this very generic pixels scope: for example,
DCT stuff belongs to avcodec/AVDCT (at least for now), and an optimized pixel
function that won't be useful for multiple filters belongs in the local context
of that filter. A good candidate could be SAD for full-frames, or maybe pixel
lines functions for interlaced stuff.

pixelutils are optional. It will be enabled in libavutil only on demand
(typically if a filter uses it). The default full build will contain it, but if
you --disable-filters, libavutil will no longer integrate it.

Ah, and before I forget; we are kind of in a hurry since this is meant to avoid
some ABI issues in the next release. So if you want to review it, please do it


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