[FFmpeg-devel] rectification filter

Daniel Oberhoff danieloberhoff at gmail.com
Sun Aug 10 15:43:29 CEST 2014

Von meinem iPhone gesendet

> Am 10.08.2014 um 15:36 schrieb Nicolas George <george at nsup.org>:
> Le tridi 23 thermidor, an CCXXII, Paul B Mahol a écrit :
>> It is not mandatory(but it would be nice) to add other methods to have
>> this filter included into libavfilter.
> Is it really a good idea? We would end up with various interpolation /
> anti-aliasing algorithms implemented in each filter that needs it, none of
> them with the same set of architecture optimizations and each with its own
> set of bugs and misfeatures.
> Until someone comes up with a really satisfactory solution, I believe the
> simple solution of suggesting users to upscale before the filter and
> downscale after, using the optimized lswr scalers, is better.

Well, i could factor out the resampling from the Rotary filter and put it into a header accessible by both, would that be ok?

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