[FFmpeg-devel] 0001-Avoid-segfault-in-a64_write_header-when-stream-codec.patch

Andrey Myznikov andrey.myznikov at gmail.com
Mon Aug 18 18:35:50 CEST 2014


     Attached patch fixes segmentation fault in libavformat/a64.c 
a64_write_header() when output stream's codec is not open, so 
avctx->codec is NULL (in "stream_copy" use case for example). Correct 
access to codec id is use of "avctx->codec_id" instead of 

Additionally, in 'default' section of switch() statement here, I propose 
to return AVERROR(ENOTSUP) instead of AVERROR_INVALIDDATA, because it is 
more clear to get someting like
      "avformat_write_header() fails: Operation not supported"

instread  of
      "avformat_write_header() fails: Invalid data found when processing 

when we do output, but do not input.

     Andrey Myznikov

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