[FFmpeg-devel] [RFC] removing libmpcodecs for reuniting purposes.

Christophe Gisquet christophe.gisquet at gmail.com
Mon Aug 18 19:33:49 CEST 2014


2014-08-18 19:22 GMT+02:00 Ronald S. Bultje <rsbultje at gmail.com>:
> You mean the centerpoint chroma location (top-left, top-middle,
> middle-middle, etc.) respective to the set of luma pixels?

I don't think it's only that, but it's probably only slightly longer
to implement.

For interlaced 4:2:0, each chroma field has a phase shift,
respectively 3/4 and 1/4. If I'm not mistaken, you can probably run
each filter on each field, and that's it. Though it's probably better
to unroll it for the 2 fields.

Or I could read the fine code.

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