[FFmpeg-devel] OpenEXR update and question

Nicolas George george at nsup.org
Tue Aug 26 00:01:02 CEST 2014

L'octidi 8 fructidor, an CCXXII, Gonzalo Garramuno a écrit :
> As you might not know, there's a new version of the OpenEXR library.
> This version introduces a new compressing scheme from Dreamworks
> Animation which is really great.  It is patented but free to use as
> long as you use the openexr library.

Can you point to the exact wording of the gratis patent licensing?

> I am asking here if my reasoning is correct and what would the best
> approach be.  The author of the patent is not being unreasonable as
> he thinks that "as long as the code is used to read and write
> openexr files, all would be fine and an agreement might be found".


We do not care. FFmpeg already implements dozens of patents, knowingly and
unknowingly, but FFmpeg, as most Free software, is not a finished product,
it falls in the "experimental" category, and as such is not directly touched
by patents: only those building a finished product on top of FFmpeg and
using the corresponding part of the code have to worry about patents.



  Nicolas George
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