[FFmpeg-devel] Recommendation for ffmpeg.org background color change

Frantisek Korbel programmer at EcologyFund.net
Mon Jul 28 16:00:12 CEST 2014

Good day to all,
congratulation to ffmpeg.org new website, now information is better
structured and users can find data easily.
One question is a dark background - initially I also used it on my web,
because it is easier to read when ambient light is low and also it
saves energy - monitor powers much less pixels on the screen. 
But later I found 3 main reasons why not to use it:
- All most visited webs like Facebook, Google, Wikipedia, Yahoo etc.
use black text on white background: http://www.alexa.com/topsites
- Some sensitive people can avoid to visit ffmpeg.org only because
of its black background
- Dark background often use warez and other illegal webs, so some
visitors can get questions about the site contents.
For this reasons I strongly recommend to set the white background
please try it from the 1st August.
Best wishes,
Frantisek Korbel, Zend Certified Engineer

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