[FFmpeg-devel] HEVC DSP and x86 MC SIMD improvements from Libav

Hendrik Leppkes h.leppkes at gmail.com
Tue Dec 8 10:37:45 CET 2015

Hey guys,

Libav pushed some changes to the HEVC DSP and a new set of x86 MC
SIMD, which of course conflicts with our version of it.

>From a quick cursory look, their implementation seems to have a bunch
of advantages, namely 32-bit support in many functions, and SSE2
implementations while ours is all SSE4 or up.
Our code instead has AVX2 variants, which theirs does not have (if
that actually is faster, I cannot say)

Since I lack the expertise to do this properly on my own, I'll not be
merging any of these changes.

If any of our resident SIMD experts have an interest in adopting their
improvements, I'm willing to help out as best as I can.

- Hendrik

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