[FFmpeg-devel] [PATCH 4/4] avcodec: loongson optimized h264pred with mmi

周晓勇 zhouxiaoyong at loongson.cn
Sat Jul 11 07:35:36 CEST 2015

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> On Mon, Jul 06, 2015 at 10:17:54PM +0800, 周晓勇 wrote:
> > upgrade the new FC21 with these steps:
> > 1.mount Fedora21-xfce-Loongson-20150706.iso to /mnt
> > 2.mkfs.ext3(ext4 may not supported by loongson pmon) the usb disk
> > 3.copy all two folders in /mnt to usb
> > 4.reboot and plug in usb disk
> > 5.press key "u" until select menu
> > 6.enter in usb disk(first menu)
> > 7.enter in install system(please do not enter int other entries, because others not correctly work)
> > 8.choose on partition to install
> 8a. wonder why it installs over another partition
choose one partition you want to install into.
if you installed new os on partition sda9, so you need change the /etc/fstab of the new os. like this:
/dev/sda9 / ext4 ...

> > 9.after install completed, reboot into any other os to enable first line in FC21 /etc/fstab:
> > #/dev/sda8 / ext4 ... --> /dev/sda8 / ext4 ... (sdax is the partition which you installed yet)
> > 10.copy /boot folder of FC21 partition into the first BOOT partition(sda1) to use the new kernel 3.18.xxx
> > 11.modify the boot.cfg file in BOOT partision(sda1)
> and after that it boots to the GUI login and one cannot login as the
> new user is called loongson-fc21 but the home directory loongson
> changing the directory so they match gets one further, a dialog is
> displayed with 2 buttons in chinese, closing that dialog without
> clicking either leaves one in the partly working GUI which just shows
> the background image and a gray rectangle
> its possible to open some menu list and enter commands and a terminal
> with some key combinations
> after some searching i found a list of languages but chaging that
> to english doesnt change anything
> what steps are needed to get this system working ?
the users's default password is loongson, and same does root.
sorry about that, i use another partition mounted as /home before i tarball the os, so you may need to add a new user to work.
i have changed the language to Deutsch and it dose work correctly, but because of my mistake, the tarball dose not have loongson-fc21 dir in it. the language configure file is located in user's dir, and as it dose not respond after you make the change in menulist, you need change locale language with steps:
1.locale -a to list all languages
2.change /etc/default/locale to LANG="en_US.UTF-8"

if there is no /etc/default/locale in os, you could add this line in /etc/profile:
export LC_CTYPE="en_US"

3.if it works, use the start menulist to find where to change the lang and wait for a while after click.

we have the live install iso, but only could install via network for now. 
i considered it may waste your time as the download speed is slow, so i tarball the os for you.
so sorry for that, and we will improve it.

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