[FFmpeg-devel] FFmpeg/MPlayer/rtmpdump possibly searching for a new server and hosting

Nicolas George george at nsup.org
Tue Jul 21 12:42:25 CEST 2015

Le tridi 3 thermidor, an CCXXIII, Rodney Baker a écrit :
> I'm not a lawyer, so I can't comment authoritatively on the copyright laws - I 
> don't think they're that bad, though.

IANAL either, this is not strictly-speaking copyright and "the truth is in
Wikipedia", but I found this:

"In Australia, [...] but if the method is implemented using a computer, it
avoids the exclusion for business methods."

Compared to, for example:

"In April 2013, the German Parliament adopted a joint motion "against the
growing trend of patent offices to grant patents on software programs."

Since FFmpeg is quite exposed to patent- and copyright-trolls, local law is
probably a fact that needs to be taken into account. We do not want the
hosting to be seized just because someone made an informal complaint between
two doors. OTOH, VLC seems hosted in the land of the DMCA and is just fine.

(Maybe we should ask Mega to host us in New Zealand ;-)

> Cost very much depends on what you're 
> looking for. I found them competitive for my needs (but then, they're also 
> local). You could also look at Rackspace (UK based, claim to be Linux 
> specialists) but I know only what I've seen in their ads in Linux Format 
> magazine. YMMV.

I was just surprised to see that much discrepancy between Australian and
European prices, especially in that direction: twice the price for less than
half the power.

And IIRC, someone insisted that unmetered traffic was absolutely necessary.


  Nicolas George
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