[FFmpeg-devel] Hosting offer from Telepoint and MediaHub

Nikolay Aleksandrov razor at blackwall.org
Wed Jul 22 15:03:49 CEST 2015

Recently we heard about your hosting troubles and decided to help you out since
we've been using ffmpeg and mplayer heavily for a long time.
I'm sending this offer on behalf of Telepoint Ltd and MediaHub Ltd.
We can offer you 1 Gbps international connectivity + the server below
both *for free* (no monthly taxes or any taxes) and you'll be completely
autonomous and free to do with it anything as you see fit.
The datacenter where it'll be colocated (Telepoint) is one of the top
datacenters in Bulgaria and has been built to cover all standards in the
practice. You can see more information and the connectivity it has here:

The machine we can offer you (it will be ordered brand new):
MB: Supermicro X10DRL-i
CPU:  IntelĀ® Xeon E5-2630 V3 8-Core 2.40 GHz x 2
RAM: 64 GB DDR4 Reg. ECC
Storage: LSi storage controller with 4 x 2 TB server disks in RAID 1 + 0 configuration (or any
other if you would like something different)
Redundant power supply unit

All of this will be backed by the UPS and the autonomous power generator of the datacenter in terms
of power and by all the carriers you can see on the link above in terms of connectivity.
We can easily plug both gigabit adapters for fail-over just in case if the adapter should fail.
Of course, there is 24h support available at the datacenter, too.
If you need anything else or need more information please let us know and we'll adjust the offer
or provide you with any details you need.

Best regards,
 Nikolay Aleksandrov

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