[FFmpeg-devel] Monochrome 12bit compression help

Ken Milnes kenmilnes at sportvision.com
Mon Nov 2 19:02:38 CET 2015

Our company is working on a project that requires some video compression.
In our application we are capturing 12 bit monochrome video using IP
cameras.  The video is taken from fixed cameras on a golf course putting
green.   The camera video is approximately 1900 X 1200 pixels, 12 bits, and
20 Hz frame rate.   The scene is largely static as the cameras are fixed.


Our desire is to compress this video for archival.  It is important that the
video is either lossless compressed or that the compression does little
damage because we want to run the machine vision tracking algorithms after


We did some very preliminary tests using h.264 compression from the ffmpeg
library and was quite impressed with the results.  It looked like 100:1
compression was achievable without damaging the video.   The test was not
really valid because we use RGB compression and it was only 8 bit video.   I
could not find 12 bit, monochrome options in the library.


We are looking for a consultant to help select or modify a codec that is
optimal for this application.   I wish  to scope a project that would give
us an API that we could include in our software product that would compress
and uncompress our 12 bit monochrome video.


Our project schedule would require a finished API by the end of December.






Ken Milnes

Project  Manager / System Engineer



kenmilnes at sportvision.com



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