[FFmpeg-devel] Test avformat_open_input by command line

Lucas Andrade lucas at mindello.com.br
Tue Nov 24 03:16:40 CET 2015

When Kodi tries to play a specific live stream it returns error 403 after
some time due to the update of a cookie.
I've done a patch to ffmpeg and version 2.8.2 works like a charm with the
command line like: ffmpeg -i "fullurl.m3u8" -c copy "teste.ts"

But with the new Kodi 12.0 beta that has the 2.8.2 lib on the windows
release it still returns error 403 after some time.

I need some help to realize what's wrong with my fix:

Is there a way to ensure that the ffmpeg command will use
the avformat_open_input?

Best Regards,

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