[FFmpeg-devel] ffprobe -debug 1: Output for FFV1 inconsistent

Peter B. pb at das-werkstatt.com
Sun Sep 13 21:11:28 CEST 2015

Hello again :)

I've just noticed that the output of "ffprobe -debug 1" for FFV1 files
has different labels for same parameters in different versions.

For example:

== FFV1.1:
[ffv1 @ 0x3a8ab80] ver:1 keyframe:1 coder:0 ec:0 slices:1 bps:8

== FFV1.3:
[ffv1 @ 0x31584e0] global: ver:3.4, coder:0, colorspace: 0 bpr:8
chroma:1(1:0), alpha:0 slices:2x2 qtabs:2 ec:1 intra:0 CRC:0x9A658FB3

- "bps" seems to be "bpr"?
- What is "keyframe"?
- FFV1.1 has "slices"?
- "colorspace" only in FFV1.3
- "intra" only in FFV1.3
- "alpha" only in FFV1.3
- keyword "global:" only in FFV1.3

Why is that so?

Thanks in advance,

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