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On Mon, Sep 14, 2015 at 10:20 AM, Nicolas George <george at nsup.org> wrote:
> L'octidi 28 fructidor, an CCXXIII, Ganesh Ajjanagadde a écrit :
>> Looks mostly good to me. One thing I think that should be clarified is
>> the meaning of "linear combination" - I assume you meant a non-trivial
>> (exclude all zeros) linear combination over the nonnegative integers?
> Thanks. You are right, this was imprecise. I meant linear combination with
> total coefficients one; barycenter in other words. For example: 10 commits
> are ok, 20 devel mails are ok, then 5 commits and 10 devel mails are ok too.
> Of course, the value I have put are rather arbitrary. Please people feel
> free to propose other values.

Yes. There is an value and I will explain why later.

Well, unfortunately I couldn't quite understand after a certain point
the point you tried to make
but I would say don't worry about it. I mean you have been
contributing more than... so many years..
of course what you really care would be respected. I am sure.


I offered to volunteer for Outreachy related to stuff because I want
to make the applicants and
mentors experience better. (and hopefully it will be a better
organization too.)

Before I got REALLY ANGRY during interacting with the FFmpeg
developers related to issues about Outreachy.
So I made some effort to resolve my concern by communicating with
developers but in the end, the answer
I got was "They(the people who made me really angry) are not real
FFmpeg developers."
(I mean.. you really can't tell people much when one party was really angry and
people were acting obviously not nice.)

I also thought that it was wrong that how some of the FFmpeg developer
treated/regarded this Outreachy
organization. For example, it seemed that Outreachy was regarded more
like a source of cheap
talented labor to accomplish FFmpeg agenda further rather than an
instrument for FFmpeg to be more inclusive organization.
It is not respectable to Outreachy which helped to raise funds for
interns and look for
the talent to work for the FFmpeg and put a lot of work on these
activities while they were only hoping to
the betterment of the us.
I can quote someone's remarks on this email list but it is not the
point. I just feel like
sometimes people were trying solve wrong question (have to pay and
need to get things done..)
than right questions such as how to increase no. of developers and be
more inclusive, have a right ideas
have more cooperative environment, and have a good structure of the
organization etc.
(So in the end, you can be productive as well.)

Of course, I can't force you or organization or anyone to be nice or
considerate or inclusive but at the same time but
you can educate them at least.

You can't blame people acting badly or acting like an asshole when
they don't have a proper knowledge or education or
training or schooling. Maybe they are not really an assholes but they
are just lacking a certain kinds of knowledge and
they were doing their best on whatever their motivation is. (I feel
even more so for my current work. People seems
very nice at my current work. I mean you can argue the organization
that has interview process and be able to screening people etc but
it is not every companies people are nice. So I think it is result of
awareness and training.)

So I thought it may be easier to just show it how things needs to be
done. (Like how I wrote a letter and stuff like that)

Anyways, thank you for writing so much stuff!! I am sorry that I can't
follow you completely your logic!
but it definitely inspire me to write more.

PS. Again, please please please consider to be a mentor if I actually
stay being a volunteer.


> Regards,
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>   Nicolas George
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