[FFmpeg-devel] OpenHEVC CU-level decoding profiling

Roshantha Mendis hrm506 at york.ac.uk
Wed Sep 16 23:45:18 CEST 2015


I'm very sorry if this is the wrong place to ask these questions, I could
not find a mailing list or forum targeted towards OpenHEVC. It seems to me
that the OpenHEVC decoder has been integrated with ffmpeg - but if this is
not the right place to ask questions regarding the OpenHEVC decoder, then
please let me know where else to try.

I hope to use these information for research purposes to build an abstract,
statistical, application model of HEVC decoding tasks, so we can
incorporate it into simulations.

I would very much appreciate if someone could please point me out, on how
to obtain the following information :

- Get the decoding time for each CU in a bitstream. I want to see the
timing for each CU/PU, their type (intra/inter/skip)
- Get the total decoding time for each I/P/B-slice. (this should
essentially tally to the child CUs)
- each inter-CUs dependency information related to motion estimation (I
want to know how much data from other frames has a particular frame
- Dependency frame relationship : what are the other frames in the GoP this
frame is dependent on.

I was able to obtain some of these in the HM decoder, but the structure of
the code in OpenHEVC seems a bit different to HM, hence it's a bit

Many thanks for your help,

Rosh Mendis
Research Student - EngD in LSCITS
Dept. of Computer Science
University of York

Disclaimer: http://www.york.ac.uk/docs/disclaimer/email.htm

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