[FFmpeg-devel] [DECISION] Include more developers in the voting committee

Clément Bœsch u at pkh.me
Sun Sep 20 12:55:11 CEST 2015

Hi Voting Committee

This mail is an attempt to try out the process described on

This thread is a call for the following people:
    Michael Niedermayer
    Clément Bœsch
    James Almer
    Paul B Mahol
    Carl Eugen Hoyos
    Andreas Cadhalpun
    Ronald S. Bultje
    Lukasz Marek
    Rostislav Pehlivanov
    Hendrik Leppkes
    Christophe Gisquet
    Reynaldo H. Verdejo Pinochet

As a first discussion, I'd like to discuss the introduction of new people to
this list (alphabetical order).

    Nicolas George
    Rodger Combs
    Stefano Sabatini
    Timothy Gu

I personally would like these people to join the group.


- Nicolas made a lot of contributions in the past, on many areas of the
  code.  He was also here at VDD 2015 to discuss FFmpeg matters and is
  still involved in the community, as you can see in the quoted thread on
  top of this mail.  His knowledge and will to start large work on FFmpeg
  is very important.

- Rodger Combs is a recently active member of the developer, who is
  involved in the multimedia community and I believe his inputs are
  valuable to the FFmpeg project. I would like to encourage his
  contributions and see more of it.

- Stefano Sabatini is one of the most proficient contributor in FFmpeg
  history, and we can say the same as with Nicolas. He also handle(d?) SPI
  (donation system), and I can't see any reason for not having him part of
  this voting committee.

- Timothy Gu is very much involed in the community work, and we know we
  need people like him to make a bridge between users and us. He is
  comfortable with contributing to the source code, so I think his voice
  is important to the FFmpeg project.

I suggest a deadline for making a decision on these 4 people of 15 days
starting now.

Best regards,

Clément B.
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