[FFmpeg-devel] [PATCHv2] avcodec/ac3enc: use long long after switch to 64 bit bitrate

Michael Niedermayer michaelni at gmx.at
Thu Sep 24 04:59:53 CEST 2015

On Sat, Sep 19, 2015 at 09:57:56AM -0400, Ganesh Ajjanagadde wrote:
> Commit 7404f3bdb switched bitrate to 64 bits.
> This triggers -Wabsolute-value on clang, e.g
> http://fate.ffmpeg.org/log.cgi?time=20150917122742&log=compile&slot=x86_64-darwin-clang-3.7-O3.
> Therefore, usage of abs is changed to llabs, which is available on all of the platforms.
> Unfortunately, LLONG_MAX is not always available, so INT64_MAX is used instead.
> Signed-off-by: Ganesh Ajjanagadde <gajjanagadde at gmail.com>
> ---
>  libavcodec/ac3enc.c | 12 +++++++-----
>  1 file changed, 7 insertions(+), 5 deletions(-)



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