[FFmpeg-devel] [FFmpeg-cvslog] Merge commit '2758cdedfb7ac61f8b5e4861f99218b6fd43491d'

wm4 nfxjfg at googlemail.com
Thu May 5 10:51:05 CEST 2016

On Thu, 5 May 2016 02:26:09 +0200
Michael Niedermayer <michael at niedermayer.cc> wrote:

> > This is quite a hack, and we should not add new APIs to support it, in
> > my opinion. I think you will have a hard time finding support in an open
> > source project for adding or re-adding APIs to make internal forks easier
> > to maintain (and it is an internal fork as far as I am concerned; it must
> > cannibalize internal headers and APIs to implement these). I understand
> > your plight from a maintenance point of view for existing internal code,
> > but I don't think this is the sort of thing to burden a widely used open
> > source API with. I have a hard time thinking of any other use cases for
> > such a program.  
> i always liked to allow and support "Plugins" / externally registering
> stuff, but my oppinion on that is the minority AFAIK

I wouldn't be opposed to it, but if we did that today, the result would
be chaos and misery for decades. Because internally there are no clean
and well-defined mechanisms for anything. (The current public API is
already hard enough to maintain.)

If you want plugin-ization, you'd have to make a significant effort to
define a clean API for it, not just expose internal APIs.

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