[FFmpeg-devel] (no subject)

Matthieu Bouron matthieu.bouron at gmail.com
Tue May 10 17:45:58 CEST 2016


The following patchset add an audio frame pool for each link of the
filtergraph. It extends the FFVideoFramePool API to support audio (and renames
it to FFFramePool).

The performance gain on a rpi2 is very little. malloc+free goes from 2.50% to
1.84% cpu time with the following command line:

perf record ./ffmpeg_g -f lavfi -i sine=440,asetnsamples=4096,aformat=sample_fmts=s16,aresample=48000 -t 500 -f null -

For reference, most of the time (81%) is spend in request_frame and in the
resample function.

Given the performance gain, i'm not sure if it's really useful. However it
could be a good idea to have this API to use it in both libavcodec (and replace
what is being done in lavc/utils.c) and libavfilter for audio and video if made
public or semi-public later on.

Best regards,

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