[FFmpeg-devel] Tee improvement - discussion

Marton Balint cus at passwd.hu
Sun May 22 19:01:27 CEST 2016

On Wed, 18 May 2016, Jan Sebechlebsky wrote:


>>> I'm thinking of implementing this queue by wrapping up AVFifoBuffer 
>>> (similarily than AVThreadMessageQueue does but with the configurable 
>>> behaviour as described above).
>> Exactly what behaviour is missing from AVThreadMessageQueue? Isn't there a 
>> chance to extend that, or implement all additional logic on top of it?
> What is missing is basically just the discussed configurable behaviour how to 
> deal with overfilled queue. I originally thought that the queue would flush 
> old packets automatically (from the point of view of consumer / producer it 
> would be transparent). But if the consumer will be responsible for flushing 
> the packets in non-blocking mode I guess the AVThreadMessageQueue will do the 
> work. This really simplifies the whole task.
> I just wonder, is simply flushing the whole buffer good solution? Shouldn't 
> keyframe flag be considered (either flush until next keyframe(s)), or ignore 
> packet which arrived after flush until new keyframe arrives? If so this 
> wouldrequire some additional functionality to be added to 
> AVThreadMessageQueue (since it would be no longer related to general message 
> queue it should be probably implemented separately).

A consumer would flush the queue (every packet), then clear the overflow 
flag, and then - like you said - ignore (drop) all incoming packets until 
a keyframe arrives, and from that it would start actually processing 
packets. You don't need this functionality in the message queue, the 
consumer can do this as well.


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