[FFmpeg-devel] Prores encoding optmizations

Håvard Espeland espeland at mixedrealities.no
Mon May 23 14:30:54 CEST 2016

>> Have you test your optimizations in the other prores encoder (prores
> kostya) (who i think have more features (interlaced encoding and 444
> versions)) ?

No, we haven’t done this yet. The goal for us was performance without loosing accuracy. We choose Anatoliy simply because it was faster.
It doesn’t look like the intrinsics is acceptable in ffmpeg. If so, we will use this for our needs and not continue with pursuing to clean up the code and submit this upstream. I have shared the WIP of the patch in this thread, so anyone might feel free to port the code to asm and submit it.

Currently, we are also developing a version of the same encoder for Nvidia TX1 with Cuda/Neon SIMD for supporting multiple high quality streams in real time using ffmpeg. I guess there is little interest in merging this as well, but please let us know otherwise.

In all cases, we will of course respect the ffmpeg license and share the source code with our customers.


Håvard Espeland
LABO Mixed Realities AS

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